Digital Conquest Marketing


The purpose of Digital Conquest Marketing is to lead an engaged shopper who is in the market for a new or used vehicle into the specific Dealership that is marketing to consumers. The focus of the campaign is never upon any particular vehicle. It is not even targeted to the brand, except in the case of Manufacturer’s co-op. An effective promotion of a Dealership builds recognition and confidence in the customer’s mind as preparation for the purchase.



With the power of R.L. Polk/IHS Market, the buying habits of vehicle owners are combined with more than 200 data points inside the Polk Predictor to model the purchases in your market for the next six months. Armed with this, we know:

  • who is going to buy or lease.

  • when they will start shopping.

  • what type of vehicle they intend to get.

We use your inventory to filter the prospects out to those who are a match. Now we touch them through a variety of digital media, until we are in step with each prospect’s preferred media and frequency of communication to optimize the engagement of interest.



The in-the-market consumer list used to build your campaign will be a six-month window. However the majority of decisions will be made within the first 120 days, so your conquest push will be limited to those four months where the most value is found.



During the engagement experience, the in-market consumer has been narrowing the choices of models. We don’t influence this. Instead we have positioned your Dealership in the front of the buyer’s mind for your particular brand before that concern is ever raised. During the comparison phase, your web site and your inventory have become the local relationship that the prospect has with your brand. Since consumers visit 1.4 Dealerships on average during the purchase journey, you will be the first and only place this customer goes to make the purchase!

Digital Conquest Marketing


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