Credit Mail Programs

Rising Promotions, Inc. offers a wide range of direct mail pieces that use genuine credit data to select the targeted recipients. We buy the raw data from TransUnion and Equifax. It is a privilege to be selected by these two bureaus to represent them, and they require rigorous compliance standards from us that are reflected in the verbiage of each mail piece that you use. In as much as the massive Credit database is ever evolving, we stay abreast of resulting new legislation to safeguard us all.

Rising Promotions, Inc. believes that your mail piece is ONLY the beginning of your product. You should expect a complete and professional promotion that has a strong call to action and all of the modern channels for your prospects to respond.

Every Campaign includes the following upgrades at NO extra charge!

  • Free Market Analysis of Your Area to Define Campaign Borders

  • Customer Number to Uniquely Identify Your Dealership

  • Toll-Free Phone and Text Number with Call Recording and SMS Platform

  • 24/7 On-Line Web Application System for Secure Customer Input


We take the guidelines that your lenders are using to qualify their applicants, and we create the first level of filters for this data. However the cornerstone of the success for our credit-based mailers is our “secret recipe.” Over the years we have developed an additional sequence of filtering that binds all of this information into more than just a prospect, but we have a truly “qualified” prospect. When you get response from our mail campaigns, they are solid leads!


This data reflects the nearly ending term of a consumer’s loan or lease. This credit file is very useful to establish the consumers who are back into the market for a vehicle.


After an individual works hard to bring a lower credit score up to a Good Level, that person deserves to reap the benefits of such hard work. An expensive vehicle loan is an area that can be addressed. We analyze consumer data to identify these people who have loans that could be four points or more lower, if they were in the market for a vehicle today.

Credit Mail Programs


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